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Charter Club Estates Detention Pond Update 2021

  • December 4th, 2020 -Aubrey Pruitt submitted a service request to the Wayne County Drain Commission to have maintenance work done on the county drain that our detention pond feeds into (request # 239540)

  • December 14th,2020 Kennedy Industries was scheduled to install a repaired backup pond pump in our retention pond. The installation could not be completed because of an accumulation of too much water in the ponds Sump Pump Chamber

  • December 18th, 2020  Aubrey attended a  meeting that  was held at the detention pond with Cathy Pettaway ( WCDC manager), Leslie Jackson (WCDC maintenance) and Bill Becker (WCDC Drain Engineer ).

Bill Becker explained that we are at the farthest end of the 7 miles of  the McClaughery drainage system. While at the retention pond he pointed out that all 7 miles of the drainage system looks like the ditch that our retention pond  drains into. Our ditch is overrun with debris. 


Bill said WCDC is allotted $5,000 per mile a year to maintain the drainage system which totals up to $35,000 per year. This money does reset every year, so he says in general it's best that the money is spent at the end/beginning of the year if there is a lot that needs to be done. This would provide $70,000 for the cleanup process.


With that said, Bill went on to say that it makes more sense to clean up the drain from the top of the system first and then down to our end. Even if our end is cleaned up the water from our retention pond will drain out to the cleaned up WCDC drain, but it won't move anywhere further.


At the time (December 18th) Bill explained that we weren't in any trouble with the pond overflowing as there is another drain line on the far east end of our pond that will catch higher levels of the retention pond water and drain further down the ditch . However, he said the immediate problem is the possibility of our pumps burning out. It was highly recommended that we not install the 2nd pump just yet as it would more than likely burn out and we will have wasted the money spent on another pump.


Kevin Martin (A Board member) made contact with the Wayne County Commissioner for possible assistance with our drainage issues.


Maintenance crew member Leslie Jackson informed me that WCDC had a crew of

60 maintenance workers (crews of 8),  and are now down to just 2 maintenance crew members indicating that they are severely short staffed.

  • January 14th, 2021 - Aubrey Sent follow up email to Cathy Pettaway regarding our meeting on the December 18th, 2020

    • January 14th, 2021  - Bill Becker today and he has put together a maintenance plan for the McClaughrey Drain and he will review the plans with my supervisor on January 20th  I will contact you once Bill Becker has the meeting with my supervisor Patrick Cullen.  - Cathy

  • Aubrey made several follow up phone calls were made the week of January 20th, but Cathy was out of the office that week

  • February 1st, 2021 - Aubrey received a call back from Cathy indicating that she would follow up with Bill Becker's meeting regarding a maintenance plan

  • At least 1 follow up call was made per week

  • February 17th, 2021 - Via email Aubrey was informed that  Cathy had  talked to Bill Becker @ Spicer Group and they are taking bids from contractors to start upstream on the McClaughrey Drain removing brush and log jams from the drain.

  • At this point Kennedy Industries is still on hold with regard to installing our 2nd pond pump (the backup pump). After several emails from concerned residents (and rightly so) regarding the even higher water levels around the pond I visited the pond again and took pictures (Feb 25th below). I further informed the Wayne County Drain Commission about the much higher water levels and the likelihood that our current pump either is burned out and not working, or the drain system itself is completely clogged.

  • March 10th, 2021 - Aubrey was informed that the contractor bids will be back next week and then we will know how far the contractor will go removing debris from the McClaughrey Drain.

  • With continued concern regarding the high water levels at the detention pond the HOA Board made phone calls to several pond maintenance companies explaining our situation seeking their advice/assistance. With spring rains on the way there is the need to act now as we are not sure how long we can wait on Wayne County to resolve our issues with the detention pond. Currently we will be meeting with Poseidon Pond this coming Tuesday March 18th  to assess our situation and hopefully provide some relief while we continue to wait on Wayne County's assistance.

We encourage our residents to continue to call the Wayne County Drain Commission lodging our concerns as they ought to respond to a larger number of concerned citizens. Please place your calls to:


Cathy Pettaway (Wayne County Drain Commision Manager)  - (313) 320-4784


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